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My family before the first world war in front of the house built in 1910 by my great grandfather François Heidet (the man in front the door) in the village of Romagny. It was probably August 15th: the four girls exhibe in their hands a rose : on the right poses, the slightly leaning head, Henriette (born in 1898), the eldest sister of my grandfather Alexandre (born in 1906, deceased in 1940). This one, quite young person then (as its long hair and its ringlets testify some), rests gently against his mother Rosalie George. The central person was Joséphine Jacques, my great-great-grandmother, Rosalie's mother. Then, the second couple was formed by one of Rosalie's sisters, her husband and their three daughters…

These pages constitute the first pages of a site devoted to the history and the genealogy of HEIDET's families. Originating of a small part of Vosgean foothill of the present "Territoire-de-Belfort", in the old Rougemont' lordship, the first persons called Heidet appeared in the old documents, in 1512 in the small village of Felon with Henry Haydet and in 1520 with Bastian Haidet mayor of Rougemont (actual Rougemont-le-Château). Since these dates and these places, these families of farmers (probably relatively important at the first time) would cross the history, its disasters and its great hours until our days spreading through Alsace, then the Franche-Comté but also beyond the Atlantic towards the United States. It is this history, the small one, that of the every day, that of ordinary people but also that of the places where they had lived that this site of the Heidet's families will present to you.

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